Our trip to Italy! 🇮🇹

It all started as kind of a pipe dream. Our great friend Ryan said he may have to go to Italy for a shoot (and need some help) and asked if we would want to join him and his wife (Abbey) if it happened. A few weeks later we were booking travel and making things happen! We started the trip off flying into Milan and immediately made our way to Asiago, Verona and Bressanone. We had no idea that until about 100 years ago Northern Italy was Austrian territory so while you’re in Italy it looks like you’re in Austria. We found more German food and wine than Italian and we were not mad about it! After our shenanigans up north we descended down to Florence and Tuscany and started our food and wine journey. The entire trip was absolutely amazing and traveling with two of your best friends makes it that much better.

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Yes, it is a thing to touch Juliet’s breast. It is said to bring luck to your love life! We’re not just being weirdos!

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Thanks Ryan for the shot!

Thanks Ryan for the shot!

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