Why your wedding photographer is so important and not just another vendor

The importance of your wedding photographer

As you start planning for your wedding you may be wondering why there is such a price difference between other vendors and your photography. Hell, even between photographers! We put together this guide to help give you some insight into what exactly you are getting with Tyler Norman Photography. We hope that this guide helps you see the true value in wedding photography and that the amount invested isn’t just a random sum of money.

1. The amount of time you spend with us before, during and after your wedding!

As you are planning all the special moments for your day we are sure that you are imagining time with family, friends and your new husband/wife! BUT one thing most couples don’t realize is that you’re spending the most time with your photographer! From getting ready to the exiting of the reception your photographer is with you every step of the way. While we might not be right in your face the whole day we are always around ready to capture all the special moments that happen throughout the day.

All that being said, as you start to look at photographers keep in mind that enjoying their company and liking them as a person is a HUGE deal! Find someone that you click with, whether it’s though beers, movie quotes, board games or something else. All in all you want to be comfortable, inspired and relaxed when around your photographer. We photograph 35-40 weddings a year and we become friends and remain friends with almost everyone (some people just want us to shoot, nothing more haha) We believe in a strong connection with our couples and it truly helps create authentic images that you can look back on.

2. TRUST in your photographer…every step of the way.

Not only do you have to like your photographer, but you have to trust them. It goes way beyond showing up on time and making sure we fulfill our end of the contract. It comes down to the previous 350+ weddings we have photographed before yours. There needs to be an understanding that not only are we going to capture the large moments throughout the day, but also the real, authentic, unscripted moments that are genuine and unique to your wedding day.

This is likely your first wedding you’re planning and we are here to help. In addition to being the photographers we are there to hype you up! You can lean on us for anything you need. We come prepared for almost in situation. We NEVER want you to feel “over it” on your wedding day. We want you to feel excited, romantic, and happy! Trusting that your photographer knows the process and will not steer you wrong is a gigantic part to making truly memorable photos.

3. The Magical connection between photographer and couple

Our portfolio did not just appear out of thin air. We have taken the time with 350+ couples to become friends, get to know each and every one and build a connection that allows for truly memorable photos. By building a connection with each couple we can make the photos unique to you and truly capture the little things that make you who are. When it comes to the wedding day (and engagement photos) we don’t have time to plan like many other vendors. We have to roll with the punches and create art in the moment. Having the solid friendship and connection between us lets that happen. Having a connection with your vendors is important across the board but the connection you have with your photographer is unparalleled.

4. Our value lasts LONG after the wedding

What we do for our clients is really twofold: First there is the the experience we create leading up to the wedding day and on the wedding day. After the wedding our job is not done….it’s actually only started. We start endless days of editing to create images like you’ve seen throughout our portfolio. With the exception of a few phone photos your friends and family took during the day, your wedding photographer’s images are all that you have to remember your wedding. No matter how much you spend on flowers, food, or linens the one thing you get to keep forever is your photos.

When you look through your wedding album, you’ll be able to remember it all: the songs that played while you danced for the first time as a married couple, the look your bridesmaids gave you when you were getting ready and into your dress, the tears in your partner’s eyes as they spoke their vows aloud at the altar. Your wedding photographer is able to give you something that other vendors just can’t, and that’s why investing in someone whose work you believe in and who you’d hang out with in real life is worth it.

5. An extra little note.

When someone walks into a {luxury} store, the sales person is not going to go into depth about cost of materials, labor, freight, marketing, etc…they are going to speak to you about the brand, the craftsmanship, the customer service, and the ability to hold value throughout a lifetime. It goes the same with photography. Yes, in the back end we have gear, insurance, travel expenses, families, groceries to buy, bills, etc….just like anyone else. We aren’t here to bore you with that info, but rather to educate you on how we have become wedding photographers who shoot 30-40 weddings a year and everything you get with that.

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In the end we are more than just photographers. We can be your support system, your hype team, and the people you can lean on before, during and after your wedding day. We are a wealth of knowledge and we want you to tap into it. After photographing 350+ weddings we have seen so much and we know what works and what (maybe) does not. We know how to handle any situation and we won’t freeze when something doesn’t go according to plan. We will offer a solution and make it so not a beat was skipped. Your day should be nothing short of amazing and we will be there to capture every moment of it for you!