Clifton Virginia wedding - Pittsburgh destination photographer

Clifton Virginia wedding - Pittsburgh destination photographer

Pittsburgh destination photographer

Amanda and Tyler - Venice Beach California

Its is kind of wild how lucky we get with amazing couples….and where they live! In the last year we have had clients book from all over and oddly enough when they booked, Chrissy and I already had plans to visit the same location. We met Tyler and Amanda in the Venice canals and slowly made our way down to Venice Beach. California sunsets do not disappoint, that’s for sure!

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Tyler Norman Photography - Pittsburgh wedding photographer

Our trip to California

It is becoming tradition that the last couple weeks before our wedding season begins we take a trip to enjoy the last freedom we have until December. haha. This year we decided to go out to California to visit friends and drive down the coast. Started up on San Jose and ended in Los Angelas. Decided to do a detour to Yosemite for 30 hours after San Jose as well!

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