Lauren & Jared - Santorini love

Quite a wild story on how we all met and came to this shoot! Chrissy and I took a great walk through Oia and decided we were going to go to Amoudi Bay for a swim and some cliff jumping. After sitting and swimming for a while we see this cool (english speaking) couple come up and sit next to us. After exchanging some pleasantries I decided to do a jump off the cliff before we left. After jumping and swimming back I pass Lauren in the water and just happened to ask where they were from....and of all places in the world they were from Jacksonville, FL.....My home for several years and the place I started my business! After that quick conversation Chrissy and I left and that was it....see ya later! But NO....scrolling through Instagram I randomly see Jared's post and find out they are a wedding photography team known as We are the Bowsers. Obviously I was excited to see this and sent a message to hook up and possibly do a super quick morning shoot before Chrissy and I left back for Athens. Well, it worked out and we exchanged super quick shoots and without a doubt made some awesome new friends! The world is a small place. You never know where and when you are going to meet new friends!


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