Pittsburgh Wedding

Our trip to Florida

With all of this teeth chattering cold we have been having in Pittsburgh, Chrissy and I decided to head on down to Florida to visit family, friends and go to Disney World! Chrissy and I had not been to Disney World since high school (13 years at least!) It was quite pleasant to escape the cold and have a week in 70+ degree weather. If you ever need a quick escape you can always check out Spirit or Frontier Airlines. We got KILLER deals on tickets!

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Pittsburgh, PA wedding photography - Disney World, Orlando, FL

Amanda & Ross - Pittsburgh South Side Engagement session

Amanda & Ross - Pittsburgh, PA South Side Engagement session


The South Side of Pittsburgh is not a place that Chrissy and I frequent often....actually in the almost 3 years we have lived in Pittsburgh we have been to the South Side less then 6 times. BUT after last nights engagement session with Amanda and Ross, we might be making some more trips! Amanda and Ross are such an awesome couple. They have one of the coolest apartments in Pittsburgh, are madly in love, KILL IT at Crossfit together and truly enjoy being in each others company. Its always great to know that good people like them exist in the world. 

Pittsburgh, PA South Side Engagement Session

Ocean City, New Jersey Portraits

Ocean City, New Jersey Portraits


We recently traveled to Ocean City, NJ (Which is the cutest beach town EVER!) to spend some time with family, but could not resists taking some portraits of each other on the beach and boardwalk. It was so great spending time with family and celebrating family for a couple days! This was a great way to recharge and get ready for more weddings and portraits! Morning bike rides, fresh baked donuts, great and colorful houses and fresh ocean air!

Ocean City, NJ - Portrait Photographer


Jessica & Darren - Longue Vue Club wedding

Jessica & Darren - Long Vue Country Club wedding


Longue Vue Club wedding - Pittsburgh, PA wedding photography